Latest Client Testimonials

Karin and I became residents of The Parke part-time in 2005. We didn’t fully understand how wonderful The Parke is however, until we moved here permanently in 2019. The facility is beautiful and extremely well managed and kept. People are very open and friendly and there are all the amenities anyone could want or need in a residential community.  A bonus is that we live only a short distance from up-to-date medical facilities, shopping, and of course the Ocean City beach! We consider The Parke to be the East Coast’s “hidden gem”.

Bud and Karin Benton


The day we moved to The Parke was our lucky day indeed.  Our house is beautiful, our neighbors are wonderful, and our clubhouse and staff are the best.  We came from across the bridge where we loved life outside DC, but life in The Parke has been so good, we never look back.  It is truly "the land of pleasant living", as our neighbor reminds us regularly. 

Linda Olsen